1941. Early death with kernicterus occurs in _________.

A. Gilbert syndrome
B. Rotor syndrome
C. Criggler Najar I *
D. Crigglar Najar II

1942. Usual adverse effects of 5 FU is on _________.

A. GI tract *
B. liver
C. Bone Marrow
D. Kidney

1943. Chloroquine is not effective in intestinal amoebiasis because_____.

A. Destroyed by colonic bacteria
B. In effective against trophozoites
C. Completely absorbed in small intestine *
D. Metabolized to active form in liver.

1944. Target lesion is a feature of _______.

A. Psoriasis
B. Erythema multiforme *
C. Lichen planus
D. Erythema nodosum

1945. Auspitz sign is positive in ________.

A. Psoriasis *
B. Phemphigus
C. Ecthyma
D. Acne Vulgaris

1946. Methyl malonyluria occurs in deficiency of ____.

A. B1
B. B2
C. B6
D. B12 *

1947. Features of SLE are all except ________.

A. Splenomegaly in most cases *
B. Renal failure in many
C. Multi system involvement
D. Formation of immune complexes.

1948. Skip lesion is a feature of __________.

A. Ulcerative colitis
B. Crohn’s disease *
C. Pseudomembranous cotitis

1949. Regarding VSD all are correct except _______.

A. Spontaneous closure in 50%
B. Infective endocarditis in 25% *
C. Frequent respiratory infection
D. Pulmonary hypertension

1950. Haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome is by ________.

A. Rota virus
B. Hanta virus *
C. Ebola virus
D. Marburg virus