2691. Shape of nasopharynx is _________.

A. Oval *
B. Cuboidal
C. Slit like
D. Circular

2692. Earliest symptom is ocoustic neuroma is ___________.

A. Tinnitus
B. Vertigo
C. Deafness *
D. Facial palsy

2693. Early hoarseness is a feature of carcinoma of ___________.

A. Glottis *
B. Supraglottis
C. Subglottis

2694. What is true of nasopharyngeal cancer _________.

A. Early spread to lymphnode
B. Poor prognosis
C. Carnial nerve palsy
D. All of the above *

2695. In recurrent epistaxis and nasal mass in children, the likely diagnosis is __________.

A. Angiofibroma
B. Juvenile nasal fibroma *
C. Antrochoanal polyp
D. Rhinolith

2696. The main blood supply to tonsils is from ___________.

A. Lingual artery
B. Facial artery *
C. Ascending pharyngeal artery
D. Mandibular artery

2697. The triad of menieres disease is all except ________.

A. Tinnitus
B. Vertigo
C. Tremor *
D. Deafness

2698. Carcinoma larynx with no cervical node metastasis is best treated by _________.

A. Laryngectomy
B. Radiation *
C. Laryngectomy, radical neck disection
D. Laryngectomy and radiation

2699. Sinus not present at birth is ________.

A. Ethmoid
B. Sphenoid
C. Maxillary
D. Frontal *

2700. Most common cause of suppurative otitis media is ________.

A. Streptococcus
B. Staphylococcus
C. Pneumococcus *
D. Pseudomonas