1331. Hypersensitive pneumonitis is associated with _________.

A. Hilar Lymphadenopathy
B. Raised IgE
C. Raised serum precipitins *
D. Increased eosinophils

1332. Cotton dust is associated with_________________.

A. Bysinosis *
B. Bagasosis
C. Silicosis
D. Psittacosis

1333. Virus causing pneumonia are all except _________.

B. Measles
C. Mumps *
D. Retro Virus

1334. Minimal bronchiectasis is best demonstrated by ______.

A. Bronchoscopy
B. Bronchogram
C. Spiral CT *
D. Biopsy

1335. Most common pathogen discovered in sputum in bronchiectasis is ________.

A. Staphylococcus
B. Klebsiella
C. Pseudomonas *
D. H. Influenza

1336. Complication of bronchiectasis are all except________.

A. Cerebral abscess
B. Lung abscess
C. Amyloidosis
D. Bronchogenic carcinoma *

1339. Bronchial adenoma commonly presents as __________.

A. Recurrent haemoptysis *
B. Cough
C. Chest Pain
D. Dyspnoea

1340. Pleural fluid low in glucose is seen in all except________.

A. Rhematoid arthritis
B. Tuberculosis *
C. Mesothelioma
D. Empyema