1371. Heliotrope rash on face is characteristic of _________.

B. Polymyositis
C. Dermatomyositis *

1372. All are true of Kaposi’s Sarcoma except__________.

A. More common in males
B. Seen after renal transplantation
C. Multicentric
D. Chemotherapy is curative *

1373. All are true of multiple myeloma except ________-.

A. Increasedd ESR
B. Increased alkaline phosphatase *
C. Punched out skull lesions
D. Increased plasma cells in marrow.

1374. Macrocytic anemia is found in all except ______.

A. Liver disease
B. B1 Deficiency
C. Orotic Aciduria
D. Copper deficiency *

1375. All are causes of iron over load except__________.

A. Haemochromatosis
B. Sideroblastic anaemia
C. Polycythemia Vera *
D. Thalassemia

1376. The metal that often causes sidero blastic anaemia is ________.

A. PB *
B. Hg
C. Copper
D. Selenium

1377. All are true of haemolytic anaemia except __________.

A. Raised unconjugated biliruubin
B. Haemosiderinuria
C. Raised LDH
D. Raised haptoglobin *

1378. Decreased serum iron and decreased iron binding capacity indicate______.

A. Iron deficiency
B. Anaemia of Chronic disease *
C. Sideroblastic anaemia
D. Thalassemia

1379. Earliest change in iron deficiency is ________.

A. Decreased Serum Iron
B. Decreased Ferritin *
C. Decreased Hb
D. Increased TIBC.

1380. Anaemia of chronic infection all are true except__________.

A. Low iron
B. low Ferritin *
D. Increased red cells protoporphyrin.