3121. Haversian canal system is seen in :

A. Diaphysis of long bones *
B. Epiphyses of long bones
C. Concellous bones
D. Spongy bones

3122. All are true of lip joint except :

A. Abduction is by gluteus medius and minimus
B. Medial rotation is by glueteus medius and minimus
C. Lateral rotation is by muscles supplied by femoral nerve *
D. Hyper extension is prevented by capsular thickening

3123. True of synoviol joint is :

A. Mobility is inversely proportional to stability *
B. Elastic cartilage covers articular surfaces
C. MCP joint is synovial hinge joint
D. Synovial membrane covers articular chartilage

3124. Spot the wrong statement :

A. MCP is hinge joint
B. Nutrient vessels supply long bones
C. Metaphysis is highly active sie of growing bone *
D. Epiphysis is placed between metaphysis and diaphysis

3125. True of anterior cruciate ligament of knee:

A. Prevents anterior dislocation of femur
B. Prevents anterior dislocation of tibia
C. Prevents posterior dislocation of tibia *
D. Prevents lateral displacement of tibia

3126. Left gastroepiploic artery is a branch of :

A. Splenic artery *
B. Coeliac trunk
C. Superior mesenteric artery
D. Gastroduodenal artery

3127. Trapezius is not attached to :

A. Clavicle
B. First rib *
C. Occipital bone
D. Vertebral spine

3128. All are component of urogenital diaphragm except :

A. Deep transverse perineal muscles
B. Perineal membrane
C. Superficial transverse perineal muscles *
D. Sphincter urethrae

3129. Cranial nerve arising from dorsal surface brain is :

A. Abducent
B. Trochlear *
C. Hypoglossal
D. Vagus

3130. Stapedius is supplied by which cranial nerve:

A. VII *
C. V