3031. Not true of adult polycystic kidney :

B. Spider leg appearance in IVP
C. Renal failure unusual *
D. Transplantation is definitive

3032. Axial flap contains :

A. Skin with underlying muscle and its blood supply
B. Skin with deep fascia and its blood supply *
C. Sking with deep fascia and blood and nerve supply
D. Ramdom Pattern skin Flap

3033. Varicocele is common on left side because :

A. Left testicular vein drains to renal vein at right angle
B. Longer left testicular vein
C. Loaded left colon presses left testicular vein
D. All of the above *

3034. Prognosis of breast carcinoma is best influenced by :

A. Axillary node involvement *
B. Estrogen receptor status
C. Tumor size
D. Shape of Tumor

3035. Gynaecomastia results from all except :

A. Ranitidine *
B. Ketoconazole
C. Cemtidine
D. Spironolactine

3036. Gas used for inflation during Laparoscopic surgery is :

A. Air
B. Hilium
C. CO2 *
D. N2O

3037. Bone metastasis is least likely i carcinoma of :

A. Lung
B. Testis *
C. Breast
D. Prostate

3038. Prognosis in soft tissue sarcoma depends on :

A. Histological grading *
B. Tumor vascularity
C. Presence of metastasis
D. Size of tumor

3039. During surgery ureter is distinguished from others by :

A. Proximity to lumbar plexus
B. Arterial anastomosis over ureter
C. Rhythmic peristalsis in ureter *
D. Accompanied by renal vein

3040. Recurrent dislocation is common in :

A. Ankle
B. Knee
C. Shoulder *
D. Elbow