1741. Dressing aproxia is due to lesion of _______.

A. Frontal lobe
B. Nondominant parietal lobe *
C. Dominant Parietal Lobe
D. Occipital Lobe

1742. H.Pylori is associated with all except_______.

A. Gastric lymphoma
B. Fundal Gastritis *
C. Gastric Carcinoma
D. Duodenal Ulcer

1743. Leprosy is known to cause_______.

A. IGA nephropathy
B. Focal glomerulosclerosis
C. Membrano proliferative GMN *
D. Mesangioproliferative GMN

1744. Marker of alcohol induced liver disease is ______.

A. Gamma Gt *

1745. Following tumor is common in children ___________.

A. Cns Tumor
B. Leukaemia-lymphoma *
C. Wilm’s Tumor
D. Neuroblastoma

1746. Most common tumor of pituitary is ____________.

A. Prolactinoma *
B. GH secreting adenoma
C. ACTH secreting tumor
D. TSH secreting tumor

1747. Painless burning of hands is caused by __________.

A. Syringomyeila *
B. Thalamic Syndome
C. GB Syndrome
D. Extradural cord compression

1748. Epidemiological test for H. Pylori is ________.

A. Culture
B. Urea Breath test
C. Serology *
D. Histology

1749. Least likely to progress to chronic renal failure is _________.

A. IGA nephropathy
B. Membrano proliferative GMN
C. Focal glomerulo sclerosis
D. Post Streeptococcal GMN *

1750. Least irritable to peritneal cavity is _______.

A. Bile
B. Blood *
C. Pancreatic Fluid
D. Gastric Secretion