1901. Carbon monoxide diffusing is decreased in all except ________.

A. Emphysema *
C. Alveolar haemorrhage
D. Infiltrative lung disease

1902. All are decreased in infiltrative lung disease except _______.

B. A-a O2 difference
C. TLC *
D. Lung compliance

1903. Treatment of tinea unguis

A. Flucticasone
B. Itraconzole
C. Oleamine oil
D. Tubinafin
E. B and D *

1904. Familial hyper cholesterolemia is due to __________.

A. Mutation in LDL receptors gene *
B. Lipoprotein lipase deficiency
C. Apoprotein CII deficiency
D. Any of the above

1905. Prophylactic gonadectomy is done in _________.

A. Down syndrome
B. Turner syndrome *
C. Klinefelter’s syndrome
D. Kall man’s syndrome

1906. In nutritional IDDM, all are true except ____.

A. Ketosis *
B. BMI<90
C. Acanthosis nigricans
D. Lipaemia

1907. When creatine clearance is less than 30ML/Min, the drug whose dose need not be reduced is _______.

B. Ethambutol
C. Rifampicin *
D. Kanmycin

1908. Paradoxical response of growth hormone to TRH administration is seen in __________.

A. Acromegaly
B. Malnutrition
C. Prolactinoma *
D. Anorexia nervosa

1909. Hypercoagulable states are all except ________.

A. Homocystinemia
B. Bechet’s syndrome
D. Magnesium deficiency *

1910. True of TCA poisoning are all except ______.

A. QRS prolongation
B. Myoclonic jerks
C. Metabolic alkalosis *
D. Coma