2051. Marker of renal vasculitis in children is _______.

A. Antinuclear antibody
B. Low complement
C. Anti neutrophilic antibody
D. Raised IGA *

2052. Infective endocarditis is lease common with _______.

A. ASD *

2053. Most common abdominal mass in neonate is __________.

A. Wilm’s tumor
B. Hydronephrosis
C. Neuroblastoma *
D. Mesenteric cyst

2054. Brachicephaly is due to fusion of ___________.

A. Coronal suture *
B. Sagittal suture
C. Lamdoid suture

2055. Microcytic hypochromic anaemia is seen in all except ________.

A. Lead poisoning
B. Thallasemia minor
C. Iron deficiency
D. Fanconi’s anaemia *

2056. Nada’s criteria is meant for assessment of ________.

A. Heart disease
B. Malnutrition
C. Mental retardation *
D. Dehydration

2057. Chronic iridocyclitis is seen in ___________.

A. Pauciarticular RA-ve *
B. Polyarticular RA-ve
C. Pauciaticular Ra+ve
D. None of the above

2058. Features of haemorrhagic disease of newborn_______.

A. Prolonged PT *
B. Prolonged BT
C. Prolonged TT
D. Low Platelet

2059. In G6PD deficiency , bleeding can be due to all except _______.

B. Septran
C. Primaquine
D. Rifampicin *

2060. All are true of pseudotumor cerebri except ____________.

A. Raised ICP
B. No focal neurologic deficit
C. Normal ventricular system *
D. Punctate hypodense areas in CT