2741. Apple-jelly nodules on the nasal septum is due to ____________.

A. Tuberculosis
B. Lupus vulgaris *
C. Syphilis
D. Sclerema

2742. Treatment of choice in deafness associated with attico antral perforation ____________.

A. Simple mastoidectomy
B. Modified radical mastoidectomy *
C. Antibiotics
D. Aural toilet

2743. What is not true of otospongiosis___________.

A. Paracusis wilisi
B. Autosomal deafress
C. Conductive deafress
D. All of the above *

2744. Throat pain radiating to the ear following tonsillectomy is due to __________.

A. Parsistent infection *
B. Injury to IXth nerve
C. Injury to Xth nerve
D. Injury to eustachian tube

2745. Most reliable land mark is otoscopy is __________.

A. Cone of light
B. Umbo *
C. Handle of malleus
D. Lateral process of malleus

2746. Bulla ethmoidalis is seen in ______________.

A. Superior meatus
B. Inferior meatus
C. Middle meatus *
D. Sphenoethmoidal recess

2747. Granuloma of vocal cord is mostly due to ___________.

A. Voice abuse
B. Intubation *
C. Viral infection
D. Tuberculosis

2748. Gustatory sweating and flusling (frey syndrome) follows damage to _________.

A. Trigeminal nerve
B. Facial Nerve
C. Glosopharyngeal nerve
D. Auriculotemporal nerve *

2749. Supraglottis includes all except __________.

A. Aryepiglottic folds
B. False cords
C. Lingual surface or epiglottis *
D. Laryngeal surface of epiglottis

2750. U shaped audiogram is suggestive of ___________.

A. Adhesive otitis media
B. Ostosclerosis
C. Congenital deafness *
D. Presbycusis