2061. All are features of neonatal tetanus except ________.

A. CI tetani is the agent
B. Occurs in first 2 days of life
C. Refusal to feed
D. Mortality 75% *

2062. During CPR calcium is not given in presence of _______.

A. Hypokalemia *
B. Hyperkalemia
C. Hypocalmia
D. Calcium antagonist therapy

2063. Delayed erruption of teeth is characteristic of ________.

A. Scurvy
B. Hypothyroidism *
C. Hypopituitarism
D. Down’s syndrome

2064. All are true of tricuspid atresia except _______.

B. Patent foramen ovale
C. Pulmonary oligemia
D. Spli S2 *

2065. Wilm’s tumor is associated with all except ________.

A. Hemhypertrophy
B. Aniridia
C. Beckwith syndrome
D. Poly cystic kidney *

2066. Watson-Swartz test is for diagnosis of _______.

A. AIP *
B. Haemochromatosis
C. Wilson’ disease
D. All of the above

2067. Nonparalytic poliomyelitis is characterised by all except ______.

A. Absent deep tendon reflexes *
B. Kiss the knee test
C. Nuchal rigidity
D. Craniotabes

2068. Easliest manifestation of rickets is _______.

A. Rachitic rosary
B. Pigeon test
C. Craniotabes *
D. Harrison’s groove

2069. Not a component of Apgar score is _______.

A. Heart rate
B. Respiratory rate *
C. Muscle tone
D. Body Colour

2070. HBF is increased in ________.

A. Juvenile CML *
B. Polycythemia
C. Pure redcell aplasia
D. Hereditary spherocytosis