3001. Side effect of 5 FU is mainly on :

A. Heart
D. Bone Marrow *

3002. Neuropsychiatric manifestation occurs with :

A. Capreomycin
B. Cycloserine *
C. Rifampicin

3003. Megaloblastic anaemia is caused by all except :

A. Trimethoprim
B. Pyrimethamine
C. Methotrexate
D. Isoniazid *

3004. Nitrate action in angina , all are true except :

A. Decreased preload and after load
B. Decreased O2 consumption
C. Increased coronary circulation *
D. Increased subendocardial blood flow

3005. Antiepileptic acting by increasing GABA is :

A. Phenytoin
B. Phenbarbitone
C. Carbamazepine
D. Valproate *

3006. Beta receptor agonists are usefull in :

A. Asthma *
B. Glaucoma
C. Nasal congestion
D. All of the above

3007. Clofibrate acts by :

A. Reduces plasma cholesterol
B. Inhibition of HMG COA reductase
C. Decreased bile salt production
D. Enhance lipoprotein lipase *

3008. Untrue of clozapine is :

A. Useful in resistent parkinsonism
B. Can cause agranulocytosis
C. Decrease ” on and off” Phenomenon
D. Maximum extrapyramidal side effect *

3009. Cholestyramine increases activity of :

A. HMG COA reductase *
B. Acetyl COA carboxylase
C. Acetyl COA reductase
D. Pyruvate kinase

3010. Aspirin 75 mg daily taken for CAD inhibits :

A. Cyclooxy genase
B. Lipoxygnenase
C. Thromboxane A2 *
D. Phospholipase