1921. Space of Disse is in __________.

A. liver *
B. Spleen
C. Kidney
D. Brain

1922. Lipoprotein X is increased in which form of Cirrhosis ______.

A. Alcoholic
B. Post necrotic
C. Biliary *

1923. Hassal’s corpuscles are seen in ____________.

A. Throid
B. Thymus *
C. Lymphnode
D. Prostate

1924. All are true of acrocyanosis except ________.

A. Common to females
B. Moist wet Palms
C. Normal perpheral pulses
D. Trophic changes .*

1925. Cause of erthroderma__________.

A. Lichen planus
B Psoriasis
C. Oleamine oil
D. Tubinafin *
E. B and D

1926. Oil drop sign is positive in _______.

A. Nail psoriasis *
B. Lichen planus
C. Tinea unguium
D. Alopedia areata.

1927. Dysphagia lusoria is due to ________.

A. Acalasia
B. Vascular ring *
C. Schazki’s Ring
D. Diverticulum

1928. Trosier’s sign is ________.

A. Carpopedal spasm
B. Facial twitching on tapping of facial nerve.
C. Left supraclavicular lymphnode enlargement *
D. Phlebothrombosis of superficial veins.

1929. Nerve abscess in leprosy is commonly seen in which nerve.

A. Lateral popliteal
B. Greater auricular
C. Ulnar *
D. Median

1930. Syphilitic aneuysm commonly involves_________.

A. Proximal aorta
B. Descending aorta
C. Abdominal aorta above renal arteries *
D. Abdominal aorta below renal arteries.