1231. Isolated hematuria is present in all except _____________.

A. Buergers’s disease
B. Lead Nephropathy *
C. Sickle nephrpathy
D. Analgesic nephropathy

1232. Unconjugated bilirubin is increased in all except ___________.

A. Haemolytic anaemia
B. Gilbert syndrome
C. Criggler Najjar syndrome
D. Dubin Johnson Syndrome *

1233. Differential diagnosis of chylous ascites include all except ________.

A. Lymphoma
B. Nephrotic Syndrome
C. CHF *
D. Tuberculosis

1234. Treatment of choice in cardiogenic shock with pump failure is _________.

A. Dopamine
B. Dobutamine
D. Cardiac Transplant

1235. Kluver bucy syndrome is Characterised by all except _________.

A. Apathy and Placidity
B. Decreased sexual activity *
C. Rage Reaction
D. Korsakoff amnesia

1236. In hypokalemia there are all except__________.

A. Abdominal distension
B. Hyper peristalsis *
C. Effortless vommiting
D. Muscular weakness.

1237. Hypothyroidism can be due to all except __________.

A. Amiodarone
C. Phenytoin *
D. Lithium

1238. Anti hypertensive often causing gingival hyperplasia is___________.

A. Metoprolol
B. Nifedipine *
C. Hydralizine
D. Sodium Nitroprusside

1239. SLE like syndrome is seen with all except __________.

A. Phenytoin *
B. Penicillamine
C. Procainamide
D. Hydrlazine

1240. Most common chromosomal anomaly is ______________.

A. Fragila X
B. Trisomy 21 *
C. Trisomy 13
D. Trisomy 18