1131. Toxin which interfers with protein sythesis is _____________.

A. E. Coli labile toxin
B. Pseudomonas *
C. Staphyplococcal toxin
D. Cholera toxin

1132. Characteristics of V . eltor is ________________.

A. More subclinical cases
B. Less Mortality
C. High secondary attack rate *
D. Survives longer.

1133. Typv IV hpersensitivity reaction is ___________.

A. Anaphylaxix
B. Arthus reaction
C. Serum Sickness
D. Granuloma *

1134. Epidemics of hepatitis is caused by ____________.

D. HEV *

1135. The cause of larva currans is _________-.

A. S. stercorali *
B. N. americanus
C. A. duodenable
D. H. nana.

1136. The factor that promotes virulence of M. tuberculosis is __________.

A. Mycolic acid
B. Wax
C. Cord factor *
D. Muramyl dipeptide

1137. Organism most common in food poisoning due to fried rice is ____________.

A. S. aureus
B. B. Cereus *
C. V. Parathaemolyticus
D. Yersenia

1138. Not seen in perpheral smear in P.falciparum infection____________.

A. Accote
B. Maurer’s dots
C. Shufner’s dots *
D. gametocytes

1139. The Motility of a cell is due to _______________.

A. Motilin
B. Tubulin *
C. Laminin
D. Tactilin.

1140. Hanta virus_______________.

A. DNA virus
B. Person to person transmission
C. Retro virus family
D. Hemorrhagic fever with renal damage. *