341. In which of the following disorders a circulating antibody directed to intercellular cementing substance of stratified squamous epithelium is observed:_________?
A. Lichen planus
B. Verrucous vulgaris
C. Bullous pemphigoid
D. Pemphigus vulgari

342. Wickham’s striae are seen in:__________?
A. Lichen planus
B. Leukoplakia
C. Leukoedema
D. Erythema multiforme

343. Oral ocular and genital lesions are seen in:__________?
A. Erythema multiforme
B. Steven Johnson syndrome
D. None of the above

344. Oral lesions are not seen in:_________?
A. Psoriasis
B. Pemphigoid
C. Stevens Johnson syndrome
D. Candidiasis

345. Lichen planus:____________?
A. Can undergo malignant change
B. Treated only by medication
C. Must be excised
D. Is a idiosyncrasy reaction

346. Intra-epithelial bulla are found in:__________?
A. pemphigus
B. Bullous pemphigoid
C. Bullous lichen planus
D. Pemphigoid

347. Which of the following are seen in ectodermal dysplasia?
A. Hyperpyrexia
B. Protuberant lips and frontal bossing
C. Defective or absence of sweat glands
D. Any of the above

348. Fine Needle aspiration biopsy is indicated to diagnose:_____________?
A. Traumatic ulcer
B. Pemphigus
C. Necrotic pulp
D. Chronic gingivitis

349. Target lesions are observed in case of:___________?
A. Erythema multiforme
B. Lichen planus
C. Pemphigus vulgaris
D. Psoriasis

350. A 60 year old has got severe bulla and target lesion Which erythema around halo and genital lesions:_____________?
A. Stevens Johnson syndrome
B. Herpes zoster
C. Herpes simplex
D. Herpangina