2121. Artificial feeding causes all except ________.

A. Eczema
B. Late onset tetany *
C. Haemorrhagic disease
D. Necrotising

2122. Most common presentation of neuroblastoma________.

A. Lytic skull lesions with sutural diastasis *
B. Canon ball lung shadow
C. Renal invasion
D. Brain secondaries

2123. A child with alopecia, psoriatic genital lesion and hypogonadism is suffering from deficiency of _______.

A. Copper
B. Zinc *
C. Manganese
D. Iron

2124. Chronic lead encephalopathy in a child has following except ______.

A. Acidosis
B. Thrombosis
C. Reactive hyperglycemia *
D. Hyperosmolarity

2125. True of klinefelter syndrome is ________.

A. Subnormal intelligence *
B. Short stature
C. Breast adenoma
D. Pituitary enlargement

2126. Sternal edema is seen in _________.

A. Measles
B. Mumps
C. Diphtheria *
D. Tetanus

2127. Most common cause of congenital hypothy roidism is _______.

A. Dysgenesis *
B. Pendred syndrome
C. Enzyme deficiency
D. Defective release

2128. In transposition of great vessels all are true except ________.

A. Aorta arises from RV
B. Mitral Aortic continuity
C. Cyanosis
D. Hypertension *

2129. Chance of HIV spread to child from infected mother is _______.

A. 20-30 % *
B. 30-40 %
C. 50-75 %
D. 100 %

2130. Percentage of HBF in 6 month infant is ________.

A. 5
B. 10 *
C. 15
D. 20