2941. Hypothalamus has role in all except :

A. Temperature regulation
B. Food intake
C. Control of hypophysis
D. Regulation of heart rate *

2942. Respiration is stimulated by all except :

A. Low PO2
B. High PCO2
C. Increased bicarbonate *
D. Decrease pH

2943. After surgery hormones increased are all except :

A. Insulin *
C. Glucagon
D. Adrenaline

2944. Blood group antigens are not secreted into :

A. Amino fluid
B. CSF *
C. Saliva
D. Semen

2945. V/Q is maximum in:

A. Apex *
B. Base
C. Hilum
D. Equal

2946. Freely diffusible across cell membrane is :

A. Protein
B. Sulphate
C. Chloride *
D. Phosphate

2947. All are mucus secreting except :

A. Vagina *
B. Esophagus
C. Cervix
D. Duodenum

2948. EEG rhythm of Hippocampus is:

A. Alpha
B. Beta
C. Theta *
D. Delta

2949.Gluconeogenesis is promoted by :

A. Insulin
B. Growth Hormone
C. Calcitonin
D. ANP *

2950. Key enzyme inter linking glycolysis and gluconeogenesis :

A. Phosphofructokinase
B. Pyruvate kinase
C. Pyruvate carboxylase *
D. Acetyl COA synthetase