1001. The histopathology of osteopetrosis shows_______________?
A. Endosteal bone formation and lack of normal bone resorption
B. Periosteal bone formation and lack of normal bone resorption
C. Persence of extra collagen fibres and less calcification resulting in resistance of bones to fracture
D. Presence of numerous osteoclasts and a few osteoblasts

1002. Which syndrome consists of flushing, warmness and perspiration over the cheek and pinna of the ear on the side following the ingestion of highly seasoned food ?
A. Fanconi’s
B. Auriculotemporal
C. Horner’s
D. Cushin’s

1003. A neuralgia with trigger zones in the oropharynx and pain in the ear pharynx, nasopharynx, tonsils and posterior tongue is most likely_______________?
A. Trigeminal neuralgia
B. Bell’s palsy
C. Glossopharyngeal neuralgia
D. Sphenopalatine neuralgia

1004. Horner’s syndrome Does NOT include_____________?
A. Ptosis
B. Anhydrosis
C. Flushing
D. Mydriasis

1005. Which of the following are characteristic feature of cherubism______________?
A. Premature exfoliation of primary teeth
B. Hypoplastic defects
C. Progressive painless symmetric
D. A + C

1006. Which of the following Orofacial pain is not associated with vascular origin ?
A. Cluster headache
B. Giant cell arteritis
C. Anaesthesia dolorosa
D. Chronic paroxysmal hemicranias

1007. Burning Mouth Syndrome describes pain associated with_____________?
A. Oral lichen planus
B. Oral submucous fibrosis
C. Aphthous stomatitis
D. No detectable oral disease

1008. A patient shows inability to close the right corner of the mouth is most probably suffering form_______________?
A. Myasthenia gravis
B. Bell’s palsy
C. TMJ dysfunction syndrome
D. Multiple sclerosis

1009. Carbamazepine has been utilized to successfully diminish attacks in trigeminal neuralgia. During this therapy which of the following is indicated ?
A. Clinical observation only
B. Clinical observation and complete blood and platelet counts prior to and at frequent intervals during therapy
C. No monitoring
D. Complete blood investigation only if adverse symptoms arise