2391. Narrowest part of male urethra is __________.

A. Membranous
B. Bulbous
C. Penile
D. Meatus *

2392. Least common site for sarcomatous change in lipoma is __________.

A. Retro peritoneal *
B. Nape of neck
C. Thigh
D. Shoulder

2393. Least chance of peptic ulcer recurrence is with _________.

A. Gastrojejuno stomy
B. Superselective vagotomy
C. Vagotomy with pyloroplasty
D. Vagotomy with antrectomy *

2394. Hernia with Meckel’s diverticulum is ________.

A. Litter’s hernia *
B. Richter hernia
C. Spigelian hernia
D. Hernia-En glissade

2395. Most common type of hiatus lernia is __________.

A. Para esophageal
B. Sliding
C. Mixed *

2396. False of Marjolin’s ulcer is ___________.

A. Squamous cancer
B. Lymphatic metastasis *
C. Slow growing
D. Grows on scar

2397. Diarrhoea may be a feature of which type of appendicitis________.

A. Para colic
B. Retro colic
C. Pelvic *
D. Preileal

2398. Most common site of aggressive carcinoid is _________.

A. Appendix
B. Bronchus
C. Ileum *
D. Rectum

2399. Teapot deformity is due to ulcer on _________.

A. Greater curvature
B. Lesser curvature *
C. Antrum
D. Pylorus

2400. In adult maximum percentage of burn that can be managed without IV fluid is ________.

A. 10 %
B. 20 % *
C. 30 %
D. 40 %