481. Clear cells are seen in__________________?
A. Chondrosarcoma
B. Osteosarcoma
C. Fibrosarcoma
D. Ewing’s sarcoma

482. Neoplastic transformation in leucoplakia is seen most commonly in _____________?
A. Buccal mucosa
B. Floor of mouth
C. Lateral border of tongue
D. Palate

483. Plasma cell tumour of bones with B-lymphocytic origin is ______________?
A. Plasmacytoma
B. Multiple myeloma
C. Burkitt’s lymphoma
D. None of the above
E. Both A & B

484. The following lesion is a doubtful premalignant lesion for oral malignancy________________?
A. Leukoplakia
B. Chronic hyperplastic candidiasis
C. Erythroplakia
D. Oral lichen planus

485. Definitive diagnosis of oral cancer is made by________________?
A. Complete radiographic survey
B. Biopsy
C. Exfoliative cytology
D. Pantograph

486. Diffuse erythema (pinpoint petechiae) and white patches in smoker’s palate occur due to________________?
A. Complete obstruction to minor salivary gland orifices
B. Keratinization with partially occluded minor salivary glands
C. Diffuse parakeratinization of the palate
D. Excessive orthokeratinization of the palate

487. Histochemical demonstration of glycogen in the cells can help in the diagnosis of_________________?
A. Malignant melanoma
B. Squamous cell carcinoma
C. Kaposi’s sarcoma
D. Ewing’s sarcoma

488. On biopsy report of CGCG on the basis of histologically & morphological similarities differential diagnosis is made between____________?
A. Fibrous dysplasia
B. Hyperparathyroidism
C. Osteitis deformans
D. Hyperthyroidism

489. Fibroma combined with glandular tissue is_______________?
A. Neurofibroma
B. Fibroadenoma
C. Fibrolipoma
D. Fibromyoma

490. Which of the following is false about ossifying fibroma ?
A. Affects people in 3-4 decade of life
B. Maxilla affected more than the mandible
C. Circumscribed radio opacity
D. Continuous growth