2491. The most frequent site of metastasis of carcinoid of appendix is to _________.

A. Adjacent lymph node *
B. Liver
C. Small bowel
D. Lung

2492. Appendiceal carcinoid with lymph node invasion is best treated by _______.

A. Appendectomy with excision of ilea appendiceal mesentery
B. Right hemicolectomy plus wedge resection of adjacent mesentery *
C. Simple appendectomy
D. None of the above

2493. Spontaneous rupture of spleen occurs in ________.

A. Malaria
B. Hodgkin’s disease
C. Leukemia
D. All of the above *

2494. Direct complications of splenectomy include______.

A. Portal vein thrombosis *
B. GI bleed
C. Agranulocytosis
D. Increased incidence of lymphoma

2495. Flexor digitorum super ficialis is in dependent of _______.

A. PIP joint *
B. MCP joint
C. DIP joint
D. PIP and DIP joint

2496. Clinical findings present in purulent flexor tenosynovitis are all except _________.

A. Finger flexion
B. Fusiform swelling
C. Hypothecia *
D. Pain and tenderness

2497. While attending to laceration of flexor tendons at wrist, highest priority is given to repair of __________.

A. Flexor carpi ulnaris
B. Flexor carpi radialis
C. Flexor pollicis longs *
D. Palmaris longus

2498. Fracture of which carpal bone at wrist does not show up in x-ray immediately after trauma_______.

A. Capitate
B. Lunate
C. Hammate
D. Scaphoid *

2499. Haemorrhoid rubber ligation is complicated by all except _______.

A. Pain
B. Bleeding
C. Chronic discharge
D. Anal incontinence
E. Recurrence *

2500. Diverticulitis with perforation is best treated with __________.

A. Colostomy
B. Primary resection and anastomosis
C. Resection of diseased segment and colostomy *
D. Closure of perforation and drainage