2091. All go With haemophilia a except ________.

A. Reduced VIII
B. Raised PTT
C. Raised PT *
D. Normal BT

2092. Most common cause of cholestatic jaundice in newborn is _________.

A. Hypoplasia of biliary tree *
B. Neonatal hepatitis
C. Cholodochal cyst
D. Physiological

2093. Most common cause of sustained hypertension in children _____.

A. Coarctation
B. Renal artery stenosis
C. Parenchymal renal disease *
D. Phaeochromocytoma

2094. Vomiting soon after firth is due to _______.

A. Esophageal atresia
B. pyloric stenosis
C. Amniotic gastritis *
D. Aerophagy

2095. Complication of tuberculous meningitis are all except ________.

A. Cerebral infarction
B. Cranial nerve palsy
C. Subdural effusion
D. Parkinsonism *

2096. Leukemia requiring extracranial irradiation is __________.

A. ALL *

2097. Most common cause of portal hypertension to children ________.

A. Extrahepatic compression *
B. Cirrhosis
C. Budd chiari syndrome
D. Post necrotic

2098. Exclusive breast fed child has all except _______.

A. Haemolysis due to vitamin k deficiency
B. Evening colic *
C. Golden coloured stool
D. Prolonged physiological jaundice

2099. Neutral tube defects are prevented by ________.

A. Vitamin A
B. Pyridoxin
C. Folic acid *
D. Aspirin

2100. Raised acetyl choline esterage in amniotic fluid indicates _______.

A. Open neural tube defect *
B. Esophageal atresia
C. Edward syndrome
D. Down Syndrome