2081. In kwashiorkor immunoglobulin most affected is _________.

B. IGA *

2082. Pseudohermaphroditism in a female child is due to deficiency of _____.

A. 21 hyroxylase *
B. 17 hydroxylase
C. 11 hydroxylase
D. 11 Ketolase

2083. Intracranial tumor with good prognosis in children _______.

A. Astrocytoma
B. Glioblastooma multiforme
C. Medulloblastoma *
D. Haemangioper icytoma

2084. All are features of CML except ________.

A. Thrombocytopenia
B. Raised HBF
C. Positive philadelphia chromosome *
D. Lymphadenopathy

2085. For absence siezure all are helpful except _______.

A. Phenytoin *
B. Valproate
C. Clonazepam
D. Ethosuximide

2086. Coarctation of aorta is common with which syndrome ________.

A. Down
B. Turner *
C. Klinefelter
D. Noonan

2087. In sacral meningomyelocele-false statement is ________.

A. Analsphincterlax
B. Bladder incontinenes
C. Hydrocephalus
D. Spasticity of lower limb *

2088. Treatment of choice in bronchiolitis __________.

A. Amantadine
B. Ribavirin *
C. Vidarabin

2089. Meningitis in 6 months to 2 years is by ________.

A. Meningococcus
B. Listeria
C. Haemophilus *
D. Streptococcus

2090. Drug of choice in simile partial seizure is _______.

A. Phenytoin
B. Phenobarb
C. Carbamazepine *
D. Valproate