2431. Cystocele does not occur as ____________-.

A. Direct hernia
B. Sliding hernia
C. Indirect hernia *
D. All of the above

2432. Which of the following is most life threatening ________.

A. Irreducible hernia
B. Incarcerated hernia
C. Inflamed hernia
D. Strangulated hernia *

2433. Blood supply to hernial content is compromised in __________.

A. Obstructed hernia
B. Strangulated hernia *
C. Incarcerated hernia
D. All of the above

2434. Richter’s hernia is more common in _________.

A. Femoral hernia *
B. Obturator hernia
C. Inguinal hernia
D. Epigastric hernia

2435. Cough impulse can be seen and felt in saphenous opening in ________.

A. Direct inguinal hernia
B. Indirect inguinal hernia
C. Femoral herniav *
D. Saphena varix

2436. Common differential diagnosis of femoral hernia is all except ________.

A. Saphena varix
B. Psoas abscess
C. Femoral aneurysm
D. Inguinal lymph node
E. Varicocele *

2437. Which of the following is confirmatory of encysted hydrocele of cord________.

A. No impulse on coughing
B. Positive fluctuation and translucency
C. Position traction test *
D. Get above the swelling

2438. Left side varicocele is common due to _________.

A. Left spermatic vein enters left renal vein at right angle
B. left testicular artery arches over left renal vein
C. Left testicular vein is larger than right one
D. All of the above *

2439. Most common diaphragmatic hernia in infant is ________.

A. Bochdalek hernia
B. Sliding esophageal hiatal hernia
C. Paraoesophageal hiatal hernia
D. None of the above

2440. Common postoperative complication of appendicectomy is __________.

A. Haemorrhage
B. Incision hernia
C. Pylephlebitis
D. Paralytic ileus *