1801. All are true of LA myxoma except_______.

A. Most common benign tumor of heart
B. Simulates MS
C. Fever
D. Common in RA *

1802. Eosinophilia is due to all except _______.

A. Ascariasis
B. Paragonimiasis
C. Babesiosis *
D. Filariasis

1803. Bronchial mucosal hyperplasia is due to all except _______.

A. Smoking
B. Allergy
C. Prematurity
D. Theophyllin intake *

1804. Most common site of spread of carci-noma lung is to ________.

A. Brain *
B. Bone
C. Liver
D. Skin

1805. Common toxic effects of digitalis are all except_________.

A. Mobitz type I Block
B. Mobitz Type III Block *
C. AV dissociation
D. AV nodal Block

1806. Right atrial enlargement causes paralysis of _________.

A. Recurrent laryngeal *
B. Phrenic
C. Symphathetic trunk
D. All of the above

1807. Selective Protein loss occurs in _____________.

A. Tropical sprue
B. Coeliac disease
C. Lymphangiectasia *
D. Whilppel’s disease

1808. Chronic alcoholism can present with all except _________.

A. Polycythemia *
B. B1 Deficiency
C. Hyperuricemia
D. Cirrhosis

1809. Cause of pancreatitis are all except ________.

A. Hypocalcemia *
B. Valproic acid
C. Biliary tract disease
D. Blunt trauma

1810. Treatment of digoxin overdose is with all except ______.

A. Potassium
B. Lignocaine
C. Phenytoin
D. Haemodialysis *