2831. In erect position FB in trachea is most likely to lodge in ___________.

A. Right anterobasal
B. Right posterobasal *
C. Right medial basal
D. Left lingular

2832. Schwannoma arises from ____________.

A. Superior division of vestibular nerve *
B. Inferior division of vestibular nerve
C. Cochlear nerve
D. Facial nerve

2833. Small children of H influenza meningitis after cure be investigate with _________.

A. CT scan
B. AEP *
C. Chest x-ray
D. Audiometry

2834. Alkaline nasal douche solution contains all except ________.

A. Nacl
B. Nahco3
C. Glucose *
D. Na Borate

2835. In sitting position horizontal semicircular canal is made verticle in autoscopic examination when head is tilled___________.

A. 30 degree forward
B. 30 degree backward
C. 60 degree forward
D. 60 degree backward *

2836. Lining mccosa of PNS IS ____________.

A. Columnar
B. Ciliated columnar *
C. Stratified squamous
D. Transitional

2837. Contraindication to tonsillectomy is _____________.

A. Epidmic of polio myelitis
C. Uncontrolled diabetes
D. All of the above *

2838. Nasopharyngeal cancer-virus involved is ____________.

B. EBV *
D. None

2839. Sinus first to appear in intranuterine life is __________.

A. Maxillary
B. Frontal
C. Sphenoid *
D. Mastoid

2840. Most common site of nasopharyngeal cancer is ____________.

A. Fossa of rosenmuller *
B. Valt of nasopharynx
C. Anteroseptal wall
D. Back of septum