1661. 90% resection of jejunum and ileum causes all except________.

A. Anaemia *
B. Fluid loss
C. Steatorrhoea
D. Bone changes

1662. In treatment of shock, monitoring parameter used is ______.

B. Urine output
C. Reflex
D. Sking turgor

1663. All are cardiotoxic accept __________.

A. Adriamycin
B. 5Fu
C. Cisplatin *
D. Cyclophosphamide.

1664. Weight gain is seen in all except________.

A. Pheochromocytoma *
B. Insulinoma
C. Cushing’s Syndrome
D. Steroid Therapy

1665. Cytokeratin is seen in _________.

A. Lymphoma
B. Neurofibroma
C. Carcinoma *
D. Fibrosarcoma

1666. Faeco oral route transmission is for all except________.

A. Ascariasis
B. Giardiasis
C. Enterobiosis
D. Strongyloidasis. *

1667. Marker of renal vasculitis in children is ______.

B. Low complement
C. Raised IgA *
D. Antineutrophilic antibody

1668. Least common site for berry aneurysm is _________.

A. Anterior cerebral
B. Basilar
C. Vertebral *
D. Posterior cerebral

1669. In iron deficiency anaemia, first change seen is in ________.

A. Hb concentration
B. Serum iron
C. Serum ferritin *

1670. Treatement of choice is facial nerve injury is _________.

A. Corticosteroid
B. Decompression *
C. Faradic stimulation
D. Physotheram