2201. Disease in which herd immunity does not protect an individual is ________.

A. Measle
B. Tetanus *
C. Polio
D. Diphtheria

2202. Pakistan belongs to which stage of demogrophic cycle______.

A. Slow stationary
B. High stationary
C. Early expanding
D. Late expanding *

2203. Which vaccine is given earliest ________.

A. BCG *
D. Measles

2204. Preexposure prophylaxis of rabbies using HDCV is _______.

A. 3 Doses *
B. 5 Doses
C. 6 Doses
D. 4 Doses

2205. Mite cause ________.

A. Q fever
B. Endemic typhus
C. Epidemic typhus
D. Scrub typhus *

2206. SD is 1.96, the confidence limit is ___________.

A. 63.6%
B. 66.6%
C. 95 % *
D. 99 %

2207. Most common allengen is _________.

A. Pollen grain *
B. House dust
C. Animal hair
D. Smog

2208. In case control study, most characteristic is ________.

A. Odd’s ratio *
B. Problem bias
C. mean and mode
D. Meridian

2209. Wrong statment about Q fever is _________.

A. Highly infectious zoonotic disease
B. Transmitted by inhalation
C. No rash or local lesion
D. Anthropod involve in its transmission to man *

2210. Sanguinarine is derived from _______.

A. Fusoriurr incamatu
B. Argemone mexicana *
C. Jhunjhuna seeds
D. Khesari Dal