1411. All the following occur in AIP except __________.

A. Abdominal pain
B. Haematuria *
C. Fever
D. Leukocytosis

1412. Which is not seen in posterior fossa fracture___________.

A. Ocular palsy
B. Nuchal rigidity
C. CSF rhinorrhoea *
D. Ataxia

1413. Treatment of hypercalcemia is with all except ___________.

A. Mithramycin
B. Penicillamine *
C. Steroid
D. Diphosphonates

1414. Which one of the following is associated with cataract ________-.

A. Galactosemia *
B. Tuberous sclerosis
C. Hypoparathyroidism
D. Prolonged steroid intake.

1415. Hyperparathyroidism is mostly due to ____________.

A. Adenoma *
B. Hyper plasia
C. Latrogenic
D. Carcinoma

1416. Sweaty foot syndrome is associated with ___________.

A. G6PD deficiency *
B. Phenylalanine deficiency
C. Branched Chain ketonuria
D. Isovaleric Acidemia

1417. All are features of Marfan’s syndrome except ___________.

A. High arched palate
B. Tall stature
C. Arachnodactily
D. None of the above *

1418. Tufting of terminal pahallanges is seen in __________.

A. Hypoparathyroidism
B. Hyperparathyroidism *
C. Hyperthyroidsim
D. Psoriatic arthropathy.

1419. Most common site of berry aneurysm is __________.

A. Anterior communicating *
B. Posterior Communicating
C. Middle Cerebral bifurcation
D. Vertebral artery

1420. Primary CNS Lymphoma is characterised by all except _______.

A. Common in AIDS
B. Diffuse histiocytic type
C. Chemotherapy is the treatement
D. Multicentric with meningeal involvement. *