1721. Pure motor neuropathy occurs in all except __________.

A. Lead intoxication
B. Porhyria
C. GB syndrome *
D. Diphtheria

1722. Haemodialysis is used in poisoning due to all except ______.

A. Barbiturates
B. Organophosphorus *
C. Salicylates
D. Theophyline

1723. Parotid gland enlargement is seen in all except________.

A. Sjogren’s syndrome
B. Sarcoidosis
C. Chronic pancreatitis
D. SLE *

1724. Acute myeloid leukemia is seen in all except ___________.’

A. Down syndrome
B. Fragile X syndrome
C. Bloom Syndrome *
D. Fanconi anaemia

1725. All predispose to venous thrombosis except _________.

A. Homocystinuria
B. Bechet’s Disease
C. PNH *
D. Mg Deficiency

1726. Perenal azotemai is differentiated from renal azotemia by _______.

A. Renal failure index > 1
B. Urine osmolality <500m 0sm/I *
C. Urinary sodium < 10 mg/L
D. Serum : Urine creatinine< 20

1727. In sarcoidosis there is ___________.

A. Caseous necrosis
B. Cavitation
C. Tuberulin Poisitively
D. Spontaneous remission *

1728. ANAC is specific marker of __________.

A. Crescentic GMN *
B. Acute PSGN
C. Chronic GMN
D. Membranous GMN

1729. C-ANC is pathognomonic of _________.

A. Classic Pan
B. Wegner ‘s gronulomatosis *
D. Crescentric GMN

1730. Sickle cell disease may cause___________.

A. Priapism
B. Leg ulcer
C. Necrosis of femoral lead
D. All of the above