2381. Granulation tissue in wound is present by _________.

A. 3rd Day
B. 5th Day *
C. 7th Day
D. 10th Day

2382. Not a feature of gas gangrene_________.

A. Smell
B. Discharge from wound
C. Increased tempreture *
D. Tachycardia

2383. Excision of hyoid is requried in ________.

A. Radical neck dissection
B. Throglossal cyst
C. Throglossal fistula
D. All of the above *

2384. Most common type of mesenteric cyst is _______.

A. Chylolymphatic *
B. Enterogenous
C. Implantation
D. Degrative

2385. In radical mastectomy the one sacrificed is _________.

A. Axillary vein
B. Axillary aphasic vein
C. Nerve to serratus anterior
D. Nerve to lattis mus dorsi *

2386. cancer of thyroid with most benign course is ___________.

A. Anaplastic
B. Medullancy
C. Papillary *
D. Follicular

2387. Thimble bladder is due to __________.

A. Tumor
B. Bilharziasis
C. TB cystitis *
D. Stone

2388. Honey comb liver is seen in __________.

A. Actinomycosis *
B. Syphilis
C. Cirrhosis
D. Hepatitis

2389. Sebaceous glands are absent in ___________.

A. Face
B. Scroum
C. Scalp
D. Palm *

2390. Lotheissen operation in done in __________.

A. Spigelian hernia
B. Pantaloon hernia
C. Femoral hernia *
D. Inguinal hernia