2111. All are true of hair cartilage hypoplasia syndrome except ________.

A. Short stature dwarf
B. Sparse hair
C. Neutropenia *
D. T-cell dysfunction

2112. Poor prognostic factors for ALL are all except ______.

A. Age< 2 yrs
B. Male sex
C. Initial WBC>20,000/CM
D. Low Hb *

2113. Croup is associated with all except __________.

B. Adenovirus
C. Streptococcus *
D. Influenza

2114. Moro’s reflex disappears by _________.

A. 6 weeks
B. 3 months *
C. 1 year
D. 18 months

2115. Which is not a feature of congenital toxoplasmosis _______.

A. Hydrocephalus
B. Chorioretinitis
C. Cerebellar atrophy *
D. Intracranial calcification

2116. Routine screeing for down syndrome be done where mother is above _______.

A. 30
B. 35 *
C. 40
D. 45

2117. Most common complication of minigitis in children is _____.

A. Hydrocephalus *
C. Seizure
D. Hearing loss

2118. Blalock tousing operation involves _______.

A. Aorta-Right pulmonary artery
B. Left-Pulmonary artery to left subclavian artery *
C. Right pulmonary artery to descending aorta
D. Left pulmonary artery to ascending aorta

2119. Vitamin D resistant rickets in due to all except _______.

A. 10 hydroxylase deficiency
B. Renal tubular acidosis
C. Fanconi syndrome
D. Drugs *


2120. Post dated children have more incidence of _________.

A. Spina bifida
B. Anencephaly *
C. Hydrocephalus
D. Meningomyelocele