2291. Weight gain occurs in all except _________.

A. Insulinoma
B. Pheochromocytoma *
C. Cushing’s syndrome
D. Myxedema

2292. Third constriction of aesophagus is at the level of _______.

A. Cricopharynx
B. Gastroesophagical junction
C. Esophagus when pierces diaphragm *
D. Aortic arch

2293. Hyoid bone is closely associated to ________.

A. Ranula
B. Cystic hygroma
C. Thyroglossal cyst *
D. Bronchogemic cyst

2294. The best investigation of colorectal cancer is __________.

A. Carcono embryogenic antigen
B. Exfoliative cytology
C. Colonoscope and biopsy *
D. Double contrast barian enama

2295. True of bronchial adenoma is _______.

A. Mostly malignant
B. 20-25% of lung tumor
C. peripherally located
D. Recurrent haemoptysis *

2296. Liseh nodule histologically is _________.

A. Granuloma
B. Fibroma
C. Hamartoma *
D. Lipoma

2297. Serum analyses is novemalin_______.

A. Acute pancreatitis
B. Acute appendicitis *
C. Blocked salivary duct
D. Ruptured ectopic pregnancy

2298. What is true of H-Pylori

A. Incidence increases with age
B. More common in developing coutries
C. Fundus is commonly colonized *
D. Causes acid peptic disease

2299. In ulcerative colitris, the inflammation involves _____.

A. Mucosa
B. Mucosa and submucosa *
C. Mucosa, submucosa and muscularis mucosa
D. Entire thickness of bond wall

2300. Dentigerous cyst arises from __________.

A. Root of carious tooth
B. Unerupted permanent tooth *
C. Periosterm
D. Sequestrum of mandible