2761. Drug of choice is epiglottitis of children is ____________.

A. Anoxylicli *
B. Erythromycen
C. Gantanian
D. Quinolone

2762. The temporal done air cell groups are all except _________.

A. Petrosal
B. Pronontorn *
C. Retrofacial
D. Hypotynpanic

2763. A patient of complete onosnia will respond to inhalation of _________.

A. Ammonia *
B. Oil of lemon
C. Tobacco
D. Tea

2764. The treatment of choice for pus is middle ear bender tension is ______.

A. Antibiotic
B. Analgesic
C. Myringotomy *
D. Mastoidectomy

2765. Usual treatment for congenital laryngeal stridor is ___________.

A. Tracheotomy
B. Reassurance *
C. Steroid
D. Anputation of epiglottis

2766. Youngs operation is for ____________.

A. Allergic rhinitis
B. Afrophic rhinitis *
C. Vosonedfor rhinitis
D. Ethmoidal pilyposis

2767. All are true of otosclerosis except __________.

A. Common in males *
B. Conductive deafness
C. Paracusis willisi
D. Tinnitus

2768. Uveo-parotitis is manifestation of ____________.

A. Syphilis
B. Tuberculosis
C. Sarcoidosis *

2769. All are true of klippel feil syndrome except __________.

A. Low hair line
B. Long neck *
C. Paralylis of lateral rectus
D. Deafness

2770. Water’s view ( occipito mental ) provides good view of all except _______.

A. Maxillary sinus
B. Sphenoid sinus *
C. Ethmoid sinus
D. Frontal sinus