1151.Visceral larva migrans is caused by _________.

A. Toxocara canis *
B. Ankylostoma braziliensis
C. Strongyloid stercoralis
D. W. Bancrofti

1152. Nech Lymphnodes are involved in all except________.

A. Hodgkin’s lymproma
B. Vocal Cord carcinoma *
C. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
D. Carcinoma hypopharynx

1153. All secohdaries cause osteolytic lesion except that from ________.

A. Throid
B. Bronchus
C. Breast
D. Prostate. *

1154. “Red currant jelly” sputum is characteristic of ______

A. Amoebic lung abscess
B. Klebsiella Pneumonea *
C. Mycoplasma pneumonea
D. Bronchiectasis.

1155. In ortner’s syndrome the nerve paralysed is _________.

A. Phrenic nerve
B. Recurrent laryngeal *
C. External Laryngeal
D. Cervical sympathetic.

1156. Multifocal leukoencephalopathy is due to _______

A. Prion
B. JC Virus *
C. Measles
D. Coxsackie

1157. Relapse in malaria is due to _______.

A. Hypnozoite *
B. Merozoite
C. Sporozoite
D. Trophozoite.

1158. Most common malignancy in AIDS patients is __________.

A. Lymphoma
B. Kaposi’s sarcoma *
C. Leukemia
D. Malignant melanoma

1159. Not a complication of chronic bronchitis is ________.

A. Emphysema
B. Corpulmonale
C. Spontaneous pneumothorax
D. Amyloidosis *

1160. Palmar erythema is seen in ________.

A. Renal failure
B. Hepatic failure *
D. respiratory failure.