3141. Fasciculation is twitching of :

A. Single muscle fiber
B. Single motor unit *
C. Muscle supplied by motor nerve
D. A group of muscle

3142. True of pulmonary ventilation is :

A. Alveolar PO2 maximum in apex *
B. V-Q maximum at base
C. Ventilation per unit lung volume maximum at apex
D. Perfusion is minimum at base

3143. Pyruvate is synthesized from all except :

A. Alanine
B. Lactate
C. Aminocyl COA
D. Phosphophenol pyruvate *

3144. Insulin dependent transport of glucose occurs in :

B. Heart *
C. Liver
D. All of the above

3145. Apoprotein necessary for LDL cholesterol uptake by liver is :

D. APO-B *

3146. In cytochrome P-450 is :

A. Pigment
B. Polymer
C. Substrate protein *
D. Structural protein

3147. Ammonia in brain is detoxified to form :

A. Arginine
B. Uric acid
C. Glutamate *
D. Urea

3148. All are essential amino acid except :

A. Hydroxyproline *
B. Tryptophan
C. Methionine
D. Theonine

3149. Nonpolar amino acid is :

A. Alanine *
B. Leucine
C. Methionine
D. Threonine

3150. Analysis of RNA is by :

A. Southern blot
B. Northern blot *
C. Eastern blot
D. Western blot