1201. Leukmoid reaction is seen in all except ___________.

A. Acute Infection
B. Heamoglobin
C. Tuberculosis
D. Oat cell Caracinoma. *

1202. Sign most valuable in diagnosis of wernicke’s encephalophathy is _________.

A. Ataxia
B. Confusion state
C. Korsakoff’s Pyschosis
D. Bilateral Symmertrical Ophthalmoplegia *

1203. First heart sound (S1) is loud in all except_______.

A. Anaemia
B. Mitral stenosis
C. Mitral regurgitation *
D. Pegnancy

1204. Intrinsic factor is secreted by ____________.

A. Parietal cells *
B. Peptic Cells
C. Chief cells
D. Goblet cells

1205. True of von willebrand disease is ______________.

A. Normal PT *
B. Decreased Platelets
C. Normall PTT
D. All of the above

1206. Pathrombin time detects deficiecncy of __________.

A. Factor VII *
B. Factor VIII
C. Factor IX
D. Factor X

1207. Treatment of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women is with ____________.

A. Suramin
B. Pyrimethamine
C. Spiramycin *
D. Nifurotimox

1208. MilK Constituents with anti infective property are all except ___________.

A. Lactalbumin
B. Lactoferrin
C. Lysozyme
D. None of the above *

1209. ABO hemolytic disease of newborn occurs when mother’s blood group is __________.

A. A
B. B
D. O. *

1210. Canon waves are seen in _____________.’

A. Artial trachycardia
B. Ventriculary tachycardia
C. Complete Heart Block *
D. Atrail Fibrillation