1011. Cafe coronary is due to __________.

A. Asphyxia *
B. StrangulationC
C. Infarction
D. Drowning.

1012. Gettler’s test is done for _______________.

A. Drowning *
B. Throttling
C. Strangulation
D. Hanging

1013. Sodium flouride is used for preservation of ___________.

A. Alcohol *
B. Urine
C. Blood
D. Food

1014. Pugilistic attitue indicates____________.

A. Hanging
B. Drowning
C. Protein coagulation *
D. Poisoning

1015. Statutory rape means______________.

A. Rape of insane
B. Rape of infant
C. Rape in police custody *
D. Rape of sick.

1016. Most Common pattern of fingerprint is _____________.

A. Arch
B. Loop *
C. Whorl
D. Composite

1017. Which poisoning retards putrefaction?

A. Arsenic *
B. Mercury
C. Lead
D. Phosphorus

1018. Postmortem staining gets fixed after___________.

A. 2-3 Hours
B. 3-4 Hours
C. 5-6 Hours
D. 6-7 Hours *

1019. Diwali poisoning is due to _____________.

A. Phosphorus *
B. Arsenic
C. Lead
D. Copper

1020. Cephalic index is used for determination of ______________.

A. Race *
B. Age
C. Sex
D. All of the above