1911. Diabetics on insulin having hypertension be not prescribed ____.

A. Nifidepine
B. Amolodipine
C. Alphamethyl dopa
D. Betablocker *

1912. Obesity predisposes to all except _________.

A. Hypoventilation
B. Hypertension
C. Osteoarthritis
D. Hyperventilation *

1913. Major signs for AIDS diagnosis include all except ______.

A. Weight lost >10%
B. Chronic diarrhoea over a month
C. Persistent cough for more than a month *
D. Prolonged fever over a month

1914. Migratory thrombophlebitis occurs in carcinoma of ________.

A. Lung
B. Stomach
C. Pancrease *
D. Colon.

1915. SSPE is caused by _______.

A. Mumps
B. Measles *

1916. Hodgkin’s disease with best prognosis is _________.

A. Nodular sclerosing
B. Mixed cellularity
C. Lymphocyte dominant *
D. Lymphocyte depleted

1917. All are true of ARDS except_________.

A. Raised wedge pressure *
B. Increased respiratory rate
C. Decreased tidal volume
D. Decreased lung compliance

1918. Fulminating primary amoebic meningoen-cephalitis is by _____.

A. Acanthamoeba *
B. Entameba Coli
C. Entameba hartmani
D. Neagleria fowleri

1919. Lesion resticted to globus pallidus causes______.

A. Athetosis *
B. Chorea
C. Tremor
D. Dystonia

1920. Lyme disease is caused by __________.

A. B. Vincenti
B. B. Burgdoferi
C. B. Recurrentis
D. B. Duttoni