2651. In Nail-patella syndrome the most common associated deformity is _________.

A. Bowed tibia
B. Playtybasia
C. Iliac horns *
D. None of the above

2652. Abnormally high patella is characteristic of ____________.

A. Nail- Patella syndrome
B. Recurrent dislocating patellae *
C. Osgood-schlatter disease
D. All of the above

2653. Achondroplasia is ____________.

A. Autosomal dominant
B. Autosomal recessive
C. Sporadic *
D. x-linked

2654. Foramen magnum in achondroplasia is _________.

A. Small *
B. Normal
C. Increased in AP diameter
D. Increased in transverse diameter

2655. The most common presentation in unicameral bone cyst is _______.

A. Swelling
B. Night pain
C. Limb weakness
D. Pain when fracture through the cyst *

2656. Which of the following is common to exotoses , non ossifying fibroma, and unicameral bone cyst______.

A. Similar X-ray appearance
B. Giant cells within the lesion
C. Stop growing after skeletal maturation *
D. None of the above

2657. The contribution of proximal epiphysis of radius to total lenght of radius is _________.

A. 20 % *
B. 30 %
C. 50 %
D. 80 %

2658. Bone matrix refers to __________.

A. Organic material minus collagen
B. Organic material after decalcification *
C. Crystalline portion of bone
D. None of the above

2659. Which of the following is unique to collagen__________.

A. Proline
B. Hydroxyproline *
C. Glucosamine
D. Galactosamine

2660. Collagen content of bone matrix is __________.

A. 50 %
B. 75 %
C. 90 % *
D. 99 %