2891. Poorly developed basement membrane in turbinate characterises________.

A. Atrophic rhinitis *
B. Vasmotor rhinitis
C. Nasal polyp
D. Rhinitis medicamentosa

2892. Myringotomy is done in which quardant of TM_________.

A. Postero inferior *
B. Postero superior
C. Antero inferior
D. Antero superior

2893. Myringitis bullosa is caused by _____________.

A. Bacteria
B. Virus *
C. Fungus
D. Trauma

2894. When a person hear better in noise it is ___________.

A. Hypoacusis
B. Hyperacusis
C. Paracusis *
D. Presbyacusis

2895. In pereforation of pars flacida-true is ___________.

A. Usually due to trauma
B. CSOM is rare
C. Associated with cholesteatoma *
D. None of the above

2896. Diplacusis is caused due to lesion in ____________.

A. Auditory nerve
B. Cochlea *
C. Pons
D. Middle ear

2897. Blind nasal intubation is indicated in ___________.

A. Cervical spondylosis
B. Fracture mandible
C. TM joint ankylosis *
D. Quadriplegia

2898. Immediate stepin a patient of maxillo facial injury is ___________.

A. Secure airway *
B. Rule out cervical spine injury
C. Correct shock
D. Analgesics and antibiotics

2899. Best treatment for a child of 7 year presenting with peritonsillar abscess and trismus is ___________.

A. Tracheostomy
B. External drainage
C. Internal drainage
D. Antibiotic for 20 days then drainage *

2900. Direction of nasolacrimal duct is ___________.

A. Downward,backward,medially
B. Downward, backward,laterally *
C. Downward, forward, medially
D. Downward,Forward,Laterally