1141. Bovine spongiform encephatopathy is equivalent to ___________.

A. Alzheimer
B. Pick’s disease
D. J. Creutzfield disease. *

1142. Sputum examination is useful in all except ______________.

A. P.westermani
B. T.tricura *
C. A.duodenale
D. S.stercoralis

1143. A tick borne fever, where organisms attack RBC is ___________.

A. Typhus
B. Babesiosis *
C. Dengue
D. Malaria

1144. IgG is normal to slightly decreased in .__________.

A. IgA deficiency
B. Common variable immune deficiency *
C. Wiskott aldrich syndrome
D. Di George syndrome.

1145. Mucoctancous leishmaniasis is caused by _____________.

A. L. Tropica
B. L. braziliensis *
C. L. Mexicana
D. All of the above.

1146. Opsonins are ________.

A. C3a
B. C3b *
C. C5a
D. C5-9 Complex.

1147. Mistuda reaction is read after_____________.

A. 3 days
B. 3 hours
C. 3 weeks *
D. 3 months.

1148. Gonococcus ferments_________.

A. Glucose
B. Fructose
C. Maltose *
D. Sucrose.

1149. Obligatory intercellular organism is_____________.

A. Mycoplasma
B. Chlamydae *
C. Crptococcus
D. None of the above

1150. In leukocyte adhesion deficiency there is ________.

A. Defective chemotaxis
B. Neutropenia
C. Delayed falling of umbilical cord *
D. All of the above.