551. Which cells are not present in cerebral cortex ?
A. Purkinje
B. Stellate
C. Cajal
D. Pyramidal

552. Palate is formed from:
A. Median palatine process
B. Lateral palatine process
C. Both A and D
D. Either A or B

553. Which is not formed from the cartilaginous part of viscerocranium ?
A. Sphenoid
B. Vomer
C. Zygoma
D. Lacrimal

554. First pharyngeal arc derivatives include which of the following structures ?
A. Hyoid bone
B. Maxillary process
C. Stapes
D. Styloid process

555. From which pharyngeal pouches do the parathyroid glands develop ?
A. First and second
B. Second and third
C. Third and fourth
D. Fourth and fifth

556. Which of the following is not a neuroectodermalderivative ?
A. Paneth cells
B. Neurons
C. Schwann cells
D. Odontoblasts

557. Which is the only medial branch of the external carotid artery ?
A. Superior thyroid
B. Lingual
C. Internal maxillary
D. Ascending pharyngeal

558. Which of the following arteries does not supply the circle of Willis ?
A. Anterior cerebral
B. Middle cerebral
C. Posterior – inferior cerebrat
D. Posterior communicating

559. Artery palpable ar the anterior border of masserter is artery?
A. Maxillary
B. Faical
C. Lingual
D. Superficial temporal

560. Middle thyroid vein drains intovein?
A. External jugular
B. Anterior jugular
C. Internal jugular
D. Brachio cephalic