2731. Rinne test in positive in ______________.

B. Otosclerosis
C. Wax
D. All of the above *

2732. Maximu stridor is seen in _______________.

A. Unilateral incomplete palsy
B. Bilateral incomplete palsy *
C. Unilateral complete palsy
D. Bilateral complete palsy

2733. Nasopharynscal angiofibroma is ______________.

A. Benign
B. Potentially malignant *
C. Malignant
D. High malignant

2734. Most common CP angle tumor is _____________.

A. Acoustic neuroma *
B. Meningioma
C. Glioma
D. Meduloblastoma

2735. Rupture of ear drum may occur at noise level of __________.

A. 80 db
B. 100 db
C. 120 db *
D. 50 db

2736. External auditory canal cartilaginous portion is _____________.

A. Smaller than bony portion *
B. Longer than bony portion
C. Both of equal lenght
D. Devoid of ceruminous ous glands

2737. Trachia begins at the level of _____________.

A. Lower border of thyroid cartilage
B. lower border of cricoid cartilage *
C. Lower border of hyoid bone
D. Fourth cervical vertebra

2738. Management of autogenetic cerebra labscess is _____________.

A. Radial mastoidectomy
B. Drainage of abscess followed by mastoidectomy *
C. Antibiotics
D. Follow up

2739. Labyrinthine artery is a branch of ____________.

A. Internal carotid
B. Posterior cerebellar
C. Anterior inferior cerebellar *
D. Vertebral

2740. Granuloma of the vocal cord is mostly due to ____________.

A. Intubation *
B. Syphilis
C. Malignancy
D. Vocal abuse