3021. Confirmation of death due to drowning is :

A. Presence of water in stomach
B. Froth in nostrils and mouth
C. Aquatic plants in clenched hand
D. Diatoms in lone bones *

3022. Brownish discolouration of gastric mucosa is seen in poisoning with :

A. Hydrochloric acid
B. Nitric acid
C. Suphuric acid *
D. Copper sulphate

3023. Poisons that can be detected in hair are all except :

A. Arsenic
B. Lead
C. Mercury
D. Copper *

3024. Smell of bitter almond is by :

A. HCN *
C. H2SO4

3025. Fragmented medulla of scalp hair is a features of :

A. Negroes *
B. Aryans
C. Caucasions
D. Mongolians

3026. All are true bronchial cyst except :

A. Transilluminant
B. Contains straw coloured fluid
C. Common in mediastinum *
D. Remnant of 2nd branchial arch

3027. In pleomorphic adenoma of parotid treatment of choice is :

A. Enucleation
B. Superficial parotidectomy *
C. Total parotidectomy
D. Radiotherapy

3028. Most common carcinoma breast is :

A. Lobular
B. Medullary
C. Schirrous *
D. Ductal

3029. All are true of pseudopancreatic cyst except :

A. Follows acute pancreatitis
B. Resolves spontaneously
C. Aspiration if persistent *
D. US is diagnostic

3030. Cerebellar tumor with best prognosis is :

A. Astrocytoma *
B. Ependymoma
C. Medulloblastoma
D. Haemangioblastoma