2281. Tracheostomy is indicated in all except _______.

A. Diphtheria
B. Stable bronchial asthma *
C. Carcinomal larynx
D. Comatose patient

2282. Most common cause of A.v. fistula is ________.

A. Penetrating injury *
B. Congenital
C. Neoplastic invasion
D. Ancurysm eroding vein

2283. All are true of spina bifida occulta except _______.

A. Often incidental finding
B. Hairs patch on overlying skin
C. Paralysis is usual in lower limb *
D. All are true

2284. Peget’s disease cyst is __________.

A. Dermatitis
B. Cellulitis
C. Neoplasia *
D. Hyper pigmentation

2285. True of mesenteric cyst is ________.

A. Moves at right angle to mesentery *
B. Moves parallel to mesentery
C. Fixed and immobile
D. Secondary tumor

2286. Straw berry gall blader in synonmous with _________.

A. Cholesterolosis *
B. Adenomyosis
C. Sludge
D. Carcinoma

2287. Duodenal blow out refers to ________.

A. Perforation
B. Complication of partial gastrectomy *
C. Duodenal trauma
D. Drug induced

2288. In radical mastectomy the preserved structure is ________.

A. Pectoralis minor
B. Pectoralis major
C. Cephalic vein *
D. None of the above

2289. Complications of hydatid cyst of liver are all except ________.

A. Rupture
B. Cirrhosis *
C. Supuration
D. Jaundice

2290. Single most prognotric fator in breast cancer is _________.

A. Site
B. Age
C. Lymph node statues *
D. Size