3091. Neonatal sepsis is common to :

A. Preterm babies
B. Late onset of breast feeding
C. Premature rupture of membrane
D. Each of the above *

3092. Not true of lepromatous leprosy:

A. Plenty of bacilli in lesion
B. Positive lepromin test *
C. Spinal cord involvement unusual
D. Duration of treatment is 2 years

3093. Keratin is synthesized in :

A. Stratum corneum
B. Stratum basale
C. Stratum spinosum *
D. Stratum granulosom

3094. Not true of malignant melanoma :

A. Clarke’s classification is based on depth of invasion
B. Prognosis worse in females *
C. Primary lesion may regress
D. Amount of melanin has no prognostic significance

3095. Target lesions are seen in :

A. Erythema multiforme *
B. Erythema nodosum
C. Pityriasis rosea
D. Erythrasma

3096. Flat smooth violaceous lesions are seen in :

A. Lichen planus *
B. Lupus vulgaris
C. Pityriasiss rosea
D. Each of the above

3097. Antidepressant of choice in elderly patient is :

A. Antitriptyline
B. Buspiron
C. Fluoxetine *
D. Imipramine

3098. Schizophrenia with late onset but best prognosis is :

A. Simple
B. Paranoid
C. Catatonic *
D. Hebephrenic

3099. Long term complication of neuroleptic use is :

A. Akathisia
B. Tardive dyskinesia *
C. Neuroleptic malignant sysndrome
D. Dystonia

3100. False perception in absence of external stimulus is :

A. Hallucination *
B. Illusion
C. Delusion
D. Obsession