2361. Pea-u-d orange is due to ____________.

A. Invasion of ligamant of Cooper
B. Obstruction of arterial supply and venous drainage
C. Lymphatic obstruction *
D. Chest wall infiltration

2362. Claudication of leg is commonly due to thromboses of ________.

A. Iliac artery
B. Femoral artery *
C. Popliteal artery
D. Anterior tibial artery

2363. Regarding appendicitis, false is ___________.

A. Vomiting usually precedes pain *
B. Pain begins around umbili cus
C. Rigidity may be absent in retrocaecal appendix
D. Rigidity may be absent in pelvie appendix

2364. Nerve compressed in temporal lobe herniation is _________.

A. III *
C. V

2365. Most common site of carinoma tongue is __________.

B. Posterior
C. Lateral *
D. Dorsum

2366. Chyluria due to lymphatie obstruction is seen in all except __________.

A. Chronic nephritis *
B. TB Kidney
C. Renal neoplasm
D. Filariasis

2367. Most common cause of colonic obstruction is __________.

A. Adhesion *
B. Neoplasm
C. Volvulus
D. Hernia

2368. False about undescended testis is __________.

A. 40% case have indirect inguinal hernia
B. Atrophy occurs even before pnberty
C. Prone to malignancy
D. Orchiectomy frequently required *

2369. Not a component of saint’s triad is_________.

A. Meckel’s diverticulum *
B. Hiatus hernia
C. Gall stones
D. Diverticulosis coli

2370. Which of the following fluids should be transfused to acute burn patients___________.

A. Human albumin
B. Ringer lactate
C. Dextrose saline
D. Darrow’s solution