1781. All are true of typhoid ulcer except_________.

A. Longitudinal
B. Involves peyer’s patches
C. Can perforate
D. Heals with stricture formation *

1782. Postural hpotension is seen in all except_________.

A. Anti hypertensive drugs
B. Tabes dorsalis
C. Hypoglycemia *
D. Daibetes mellitus

1783. Thyroma is associated with all except________.

A. Myasthenia gravis
B. Pure red cell aplasia
C. Hypergamaglobulinemia *
D. Aplastic anaemia

1784. Important feature in Henoch schonlein purpura is _____.

A. Raised IGA *
B. Absent radial pulse
C. Membranous glomerulonephritis
D. Aneurysm at branching point

1785. Mononeuritis multiplex occurs in _____.

A. Lead poisoning
B. Rheumatoid arthritis *
C. Tuberculosis
D. None of the above

1786. Nephro calcinosis is not seen in __________.

A. Cystic disease of kidney *
B. Medullary sponge kidney
C. Vitamin D Intoxication
D. Hyperparathyroidism

1787. Hypoplastic anaemia occurs in all except________.

B. Hepatitis
C. Cold haemoglobinuria *

1788. Non oliguric phase of renal failure is characterised by _______.

A. Hyperkalemia
B. Acidosis
C. Hypokalemia *
D. Hypercalcemia

1789. Rupture of major bronchus causes all except_______.

A. Subcutaneous emphysema
B. Mediastinal emphysema
C. Pneumothorax
D. Haemothorax *

1790. Normal portalvein pressure is ________.

A. 3-5 MM HG
B. 8-12MM HG *
C. 12-15 MM HG
D. 20-25 MM HG